Too many people are judgmental and closed minded. They call me a freak. They say I’m too old for toys. Too old to dress the way I dress. They say I’m creepy. And all I’m doing is dressing cute, collecting cute things, and trying to be happy. They don’t know my age. At what age do we magically grow up and drop everything and turn into boring, plain people? The answer is you never do. And I feel so sad and sorry for the people who believe there is a certain age and day and time in which you must become a “grown up” and like and do “grown up things” and you can’t like or do childish things ever. News fucking flash, you can be quite the adult and be into childish things all you want and it doesn’t make you immature or a freak or creepy (as long as it isn’t harmful to others). So I say to the people who say I’m a freak, stop being so boring.

I found a deer friend ♡